About Us

Trail & Bone was started in April 2021 in Chicago, IL.

We have since grown to become a small team from all over the world that is dedicated to educating committed dog owners on how to rehabilitate their aggressive or reactive dogs. 

Our Training Philosophy:

Trail & Bone as a company has no training philosophy, and this is something we’re very proud of. 

We are an organization made up of people with a diverse set of training beliefs and philosophies.

We don’t feel it is our place as a company to tell anyone what they should believe. Humans are diverse, it is only natural that our beliefs and codes we follow with dogs are diverse too.

And so we encourage our clients and customers to develop their own set of beliefs aligned with what is important to them and with what works for them.

We don’t claim to know the absolute truth on any particular subject, and we always are striving to learn more and educate ourselves to see if there’s a better way than what we’re currently doing, no matter the subject.