How do I know this will help my specific problem?

The Aggression Academy will teach you how to fix human, dog, or leash aggression & reactivity. Meaning if your dog growls, lunges, excessively barks, or bites at other people, other dogs, or while on the leash, then The Aggression Academy applies to you and your dog.   It also doesn’t matter whether you live on a farm or in a 20th floor apartment in the heart of a city, the principles are the same and can be applied anywhere by anyone. This program is not for you if your dog’s primary issue is one of the following: – Owner-directed aggression, which is Aggressive behavior towards you or other human members of your household – In-home dog-on-dog aggression, which is Aggression between 2 or more of your dogs living in your home – Food Aggression, which is aggressive behavior only around food – Prey drive, which is instinctual aggression toward cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc

What training methods do you teach?

There are no specific “methods” that will work for every dog with aggression problems, and that fact is a big part of how we formed our training strategy, so there are several “methods” that are taught inside the course.

To name a few: positive reinforcement, marker training, structured & free walks, play, distance, duration, and distraction, home rules & boundaries, Constructional Aggression Treatment, “Look at That”, Behavioral Modification Training, and more.

All of these different training methods or exercises have a big place in fixing aggression. Some dogs might turn around with just 1, while another dog might need all of it. It’s impossible to know beforehand, which is why using just 2-3 of the same methods for every dog is not going to produce results.

There is a specific process that needs to be done to incorporate all of these methods and more, and that is what ensures success!

Some methods we do NOT use: ecollar training, prong collars, punishment, flooding (where you expose your dog to their trigger for extended periods of time until they get used to it. this rarely works and usually makes things worse).

How much time does the training take?

We always encourage spending as much time walking, working with, and playing with your dogs as possible, of course. But in order to fix aggression in the timeframe of 6 weeks, you should spend at least an hour a week training, spread out over multiple days. An hour a week is a very small amount of time to give to your dog, and every dog owner should be able to commit that amount of time. If you can’t give 10 minutes a day to your dog, you probably shouldn’t have one.

What makes this training different from everyone else that claims they can fix aggression?

First and foremost, Jon proved it with his own dog, and every day that goes by without issue is a testament to the training, and we haven’t seen many others do that. If there were others, we’d be learning from them too!

There are many things that make this training different, but a couple major differentiators are:

it doesn’t focus on trying to correct the symptoms of the issue: biting, barking, lunging, etc. It focuses on mending the root cause: fear, anxiety, stress, distrust, frustration, etc.

It educates you, the owner, on how to fix the problem yourself, in your home, which is where the dog lives. Changes made in a trainer’s house or facility are far less likely to stick when the dog gets back in your home, with you.

It takes the dog through a process of making them understand their place in your life, how to behave with you, how to control their impulses, bringing out their confidence and personality, showing them their trigger is nothing to be afraid of, then ultimately showing them that their trigger is actually a good thing. The vast majority of training programs either skip to the last step or just do obedience training.

What are your qualifications?

Ashley is a Knowledge Assessed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a supporting member of the International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants.

She also has experience as a veterinary assistant as well as a researcher at an Animal Behavior Lab at Arizona State University.

What tools do I need?

To perform what’s taught inside The Aggression Academy, the only tools you’ll need are a regular collar, a regular leash, food, and a toy (could even be just a stick!).

All of these items are things that every dog should have, and it’s all you need. If you don’t have one of these tools, I highly recommend getting them for all dogs you have now and in the future, even if you don’t get this program.

Other tools may be recommended throughout the program depending on your unique circumstances, but none are mandatory.

How does the course work?

The Aggression Academy is an online video course, broken down by week.

Upon purchase, Week 1 will be immediately available to you, and then the rest of the course is drip fed and released every 7 days. Once you purchase the course, you’ll be emailed a link to go to and you can access The Aggression Academy there anytime, anywhere, for life.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, our “Turbo Tail Wagging Guarantee” offers full protection! If you complete the 6 week program and are unsatisfied with the final results for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked up to 60 days after purchase.

You have completed the program once all these conditions have been met:

1) All videos have been watched in full
2) You have engaged with Ashley in some capacity at least once.
3) You have completed all assessments

We will devote our full effort toward helping you and your dog, so we ask in return that you devote at least a bare minimum effort to qualify for a refund.

Do you guarantee that this program will fix my dog’s aggression?

We can guarantee that if you follow the steps in the course to a T and apply what is taught rigorously, and ask for help and encouragement, that the odds are very, very high that you will fix your dog’s aggression.

But we can’t guarantee that result because we can only provide you with the information and help you need, we can’t do the training for you. And after all, these are living breathing animals, not machines.

But with that said, if you do what is laid out for you, which doesn’t take much, your chances of fixing the issues are extremely high.

What should I do once I purchase The Aggression Academy?

Get started! That’s all there is to it.