How do I know this will help my specific problem?

The Aggression Academy will teach you how to fix human, dog, or leash aggression & reactivity. Meaning if your dog growls, lunges, excessively barks, or bites at other people, other dogs, or while on the leash, then The Aggression Academy applies to you and your dog.


It also doesn’t matter whether you live on a farm or in a 20th floor apartment in the heart of a city, the principles are the same and can be applied anywhere by anyone.

This program is not for you if your dog’s primary issue is one of the following:

– Owner-directed aggression, which is Aggressive behavior towards you or other human members of your household

– In-home dog-on-dog aggression, which is Aggression between 2 or more of your dogs living in your home

– Food Aggression, which is aggressive behavior only around food

– Prey drive, which is instinctual aggression toward cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc