What makes this training different from everyone else that claims they can fix aggression?

First and foremost, Jon proved it with his own dog, and every day that goes by without issue is a testament to the training, and we haven’t seen many others do that. If there were others, we’d be learning from them too!

There are many things that make this training different, but a couple major differentiators are:

it doesn’t focus on trying to correct the symptoms of the issue: biting, barking, lunging, etc. It focuses on mending the root cause: fear, anxiety, stress, distrust, frustration, etc.

It educates you, the owner, on how to fix the problem yourself, in your home, which is where the dog lives. Changes made in a trainer’s house or facility are far less likely to stick when the dog gets back in your home, with you.

It takes the dog through a process of making them understand their place in your life, how to behave with you, how to control their impulses, bringing out their confidence and personality, showing them their trigger is nothing to be afraid of, then ultimately showing them that their trigger is actually a good thing. The vast majority of training programs either skip to the last step or just do obedience training.