What training methods do you teach?

There are no specific “methods” that will work for every dog with aggression problems, and that fact is a big part of how we formed our training strategy, so there are several “methods” that are taught inside the course.

To name a few: positive reinforcement, marker training, structured & free walks, play, distance, duration, and distraction, home rules & boundaries, Constructional Aggression Treatment, “Look at That”, Behavioral Modification Training, and more.

All of these different training methods or exercises have a big place in fixing aggression. Some dogs might turn around with just 1, while another dog might need all of it. It’s impossible to know beforehand, which is why using just 2-3 of the same methods for every dog is not going to produce results.

There is a specific process that needs to be done to incorporate all of these methods and more, and that is what ensures success!

Some methods we do NOT use: ecollar training, prong collars, punishment, flooding (where you expose your dog to their trigger for extended periods of time until they get used to it. this rarely works and usually makes things worse).